(Internal Complaint Committee)

As per the guidelines of MGV’s Women Grievances and Internal Complaint Committee, our college constituted Vishakha Committee to provide safe, secure and healthy environment for female employees.

Sexual Harassment at a workplace is undoubtedly a violation of women’s right to equality, life and liberty. It is one of the most important reason for less women participation in workforce and bottleneck for productive activities. Hence,  in compliance with the guidelines on sexual harassment prevention in the workplace, issued by the Honorable Supreme Court of India in 1997 (Vishaka Judgement), our college has constituted Vishaka Committee with a policy of ‘Zero Tolerance against Sexual Harassment.

As per the Directives, the Vishaka Committee should be headed by a woman and not less than half of its members should be women. Furthermore, a third party should be appointed which may be an NGO or any other party familiar with the issue to ensure fairness in the decision making and remedial courses of action.

S. No.Name of MembersDesignation
01Dr. Hamdani RizwanaPresident of ICC
02Dr. Poonam SonawaneLegal Expert
03Dr. Shreya Bhargave DeoreNGO
04Dr. Ansari Naseem BanoMember
05Prof. Ansari TasneemMember
06Prof. Ansari SanaMember
07Prof. Ansari MubashsheraMember


The Plaintiff needs to submit a written complaint.  The committee members need to ensure careful investigation on the matter. The grievance in consultation with the chairperson of the committee will be resolved. 


  1. To safeguard the rights of the female staff.
  2. To maintain healthy and safe environment for female employees in the campus.
  3. To provide a platform for listening to complaints.
  4. To prevent any kind of sexual harassment by using secret monitoring service.
  5. To promote the principal of gender equality.

Activities: After every three month, a webinar is conducted related to Vishaka Committee.